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Expose image decode times in a timing API?


We already have the ability to determine page, resource and (at least in Chrome Canary) paint timings in JavaScript. What if we could expose image decode time as a part of the resource timing API?

let resources = window.performance.getEntriesByType("resource");

  console.log(resource.name); // "http://example.com/some-image.webp"
  console.log(resource.imageDecode); // 24.12001

Or, since this may be somewhat awkward to place into the resource timing API, what if it was its own API?

let images = window.performance.getEntriesByType("images");

  console.log(image.name); // "http://example.com/some-image.webp"
  console.log(image.time); // 24.12001

If this is already under consideration, then I apologize-- A cursory google search did not reveal anything like this for me, but my Google Fu can be lacking at times.

EDIT: Relevant tweet.