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Last I heard, membership was growing to a healthy number… I’m not sure but I’d like it to get pretty widely used by devs who wouldnt normally use mls and so on… As such, it seems like a nice place to allow announcements about events like TTWF or something… I’m not entirely sure how that would work, and I’m not suggesting everyone use this to advertise their own stuff - but it seems like things about standards like, for example TTWF or Extensible Web Summit might be appropriate to mention and help get some collaboration on, etc…



I’m always worried for announces, or things which are publicity only. I have seen many mailing lists killed by the volume of people announcing their own conferences, $SOMETHINGcamp, get-together with remote relevancy. So not sure. Not convinced. But maybe, there is a way to make it work.


Taking @karl’s concerns into account, let’s try it as an experiment. I’ll create an “Announcements” category for this purpose. Note that we have pretty powerful moderation tools at our disposal. If that doesn’t work, then we can yank it.