Closing WICG threads

I’ve noticed that almost all WICG threads end without conclusion, as is typical of mailing list threads, but in many cases the suggestion or proposal is taken forward into a repo or other forum. Would it be useful to post a final message to inactive threads and then lock them to further comments?

For example, Content Performance Policy describes Content performance policy, and ends without resolution, but CPP is now superceded by the Feature Policy API, I believe, so it would be valuable to future searchers for such threads to have a resolution.

Sometimes such a message is posted, eg. Proposal for a Web Background Sync API - but to avoid that message disappearing as the thread continues, the thread could be locked at that point.


I believe locking comments is harmful. Just to make resolution clearly noticeable is a matter of the forum engine, not of ability to add comments or not.

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It would be a good idea to put in a final update (e.g. when a repo is created, or the idea is moved to another forum), and we’ve not always been very good at all at making sure that happens. I agree we shouldn’t lock comments, though.

Didn’t I write this in that Best Practices thing I wrote a year+ ago? Always. Link. Everything. Links have almost no cognitive cost to the uninterested, and their benefit to any potential contributor - anybody who could help in even the smallest way - is enormous. Just one simple link can be all that it takes to attract that one person who saw Opera try your idea in 1997 and knows what pitfalls sucked the energy out of the last expedition into this territory - just providing the link can make the difference between running out of steam, and getting a platform-wide problem once and for all solved. Always post every relevant link you come across, no matter how tangential.

Would being able to pin such tombstone comments so they’re always visible to new visitors to the thread solve this?