Chapters - an experimental effort at increasing developer involvement

Yeah I’d love to see more af that, too.

I’d suggest we slice something up in Photoshop :wink:

Hey for anyone watching on this topic:

The JQuery Foundation is helping to team up with chapters efforts - an explanation of what this means is here:

This week I gave a presentation here to explain/announce it at a local meetup here in Pittsburgh (about half of that is Q&A & here is a deck for anyone not interested in watching

If you’re doing anything with chapters or would like to, please let me know so that we can sync/help!

Could we maybe have something like a GitHub Wiki page for listing links to local chapters?

Also, what’s the criteria for such a “chapter”, as distinguished from, say, the local JavaScript Developer Meetup?

Yes, I’m going to set a wiki soon… As to how they differ: The idea is to connect people who actually do participate in standards and already navigate these waters with existing, established meetup communities like, say, the local JavaScript or Web Meetup. The whole idea is really based on networking communication. Different levels of the network are different. More official standards channels like working groups are good at a particular kind of thing - as we are approaching a standard. WICG is good at a particular kind of thing, early things that are often just noise in a WG. Early things need to be noisy and they need a different kind of openness than a WG might provide, and probably not everyone in a WG. But it would also be overwhelming if a few million developers all decided to actively participate in this fashion and ask all of their questions/share all of their observations here - no one could follow anything. What we’d like then is to create a network connection between here and more localized channels. We’d like to have individuals actively carry ideas from incubation out into many groups where there can be lots of noisy discussion, Q&A, depth, etc - and ultimately carry back valuable signal data without that level of noise.

Currently the jQuery Foundation is using github issues to allow us to help connect willing channels with existing meetups and help get things started. Like most early efforts, we’ll figure a lot out and get better at this with some experience.