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Capability delegation


“Capability delegation” means allowing a frame to relinquish its ability to call a restricted JS API (e.g. popups, fullscreen, Payment Request and transfer the ability to another (sub)frame it can trust.

We are proposing a generic model for capability delegation that could be utilized by any JS APIs after they have defined their own “special case” delegation behavior. The primary use-case we want to support is allowing online shopping websites to outsource payment collection/processing to third-party Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

Details of the proposal appears here:


An initial implementation of the API is now available in latest Chrome Canary for testing. To try this API with Payment Request, run Chrome 90.0.4414.0 or newer with the command-line flag --enable-blink-features=CapabilityDelegationPaymentRequest, then open this demo.


Stripe supports this proposal! We would be interested in using capability delegation for PaymentRequest, popups, and Web Authentication.


@mustaqahmed Yup! i think it is a huge problem for me which i facing during last few days. But thanks all of you for solution. :slightly_smiling_face: