Browser.uuid property


A persistent ID like this is fundamentally opposed to user privacy. Features regularly get questioned if they expose any extra information that could be used for browser fingerprinting, adding a literal fingerprint is never going to be acceptable in the web platform.

Cordova has device.uuid because it exposes features and information from the device level, it is not native web so the fact it’s available there is not in and of itself enough reason to add it to the web, especially when compared to arguments around privacy and/or security.


Physical device addresses (MAC addresses) will only ever make it to the server if they are on the same LAN node. Other than that, any router in between replaces the MAC’s with the router’s for proper routing. So, servers (nor JavaScript to boot) can get the physical network card address. This is standard internet routing protocols that everyone abides by.

Also, while they can’t be removed since they are written in firmware, they certainly can be spoofed using software. So a MAC address couldn’t even effectively be relied on.

The technical side of routing doesn’t matter to the request though. The request is for browsers to provide a token to uniquely identify an instance of their browser. Which will never happen because that lessens user privacy which is of the up-most importance. There are ways to handle what you’d like to do, it just involves more effort on the developer side. The order of importance goes like this:

  1. End users
  2. Developers
  3. User agent vendors
  4. Specification authors

End user needs take precedent over all others. In this case, it doesn’t matter if it makes developers lives easier, end users could tangibly be hindered by the addition. Therefore, it is something that won’t even be considered without some serious data showing end-users won’t be any worse off then they currently are and that the tool requested provides enough benefit to developers to use it regularly.


i have no time for duscussing illogic thoughts and sentences. What i wrote is sufficient for proving the missing part. The assetion is obvious. I will duscuss just with professors in computer science or high level skills.


Please, discuss this with CS professors. They will likely point out the same things we have. Having a unique identifier is never 100%, and there’s no way around it. Additionally, you would be asking to violate the user’s privacy by uniquely identifying them, contrary to your goal.


The people might read what i wrote and not use your thinking way. The object of the topic is not to create a identifier of the user , but a identifier of the browser instance.

Also serial id or mac address can be changed by a hacker but it is anyway used for tracking a device in the normal business logic.Cordova uses device.uuid. Also cordova is wrong? Eventually the discussion is browser id or machine id… not if is useless because already what exists tells i m right.


Yes, you’re correct MAC addresses are regularly used without issue. So are cookies, local storage, and user accounts, three options you have rejected without valid reason.


I already explained with a logic boolean assertion that they are wrong. I also used arrows as it is used to use in the theorem proof for making in evidence this assertion and the contradiction of cookies and similar. I dont know if i have also to use binary language. ahaha. Anyway I think also cordova has cookies but the designer added device uuid. And in a app you cant move from a app to another in the same way as i n tbe browser … eventually in the browser this need is stronger thant mobile


Your argument against cookies is that they can be removed by the user. Any unique identifier can also be changed. You state that MAC addresses are used regularly without issue. So are cookies.

Maybe I’ve failed to explain my logic thoroughly enough, but I’m also fairly certain English is not your first language. Would others care to jump in and explain why this isn’t a viable idea?


your affermation is valid also for mac, serial id , and device .uuid. The existence of them tells your logic assumption is absurd. The logic conseguences of your last sentence are:

  • or you told a absurd affermation
  • or the actual solution mac, serial id , device uid are absurd.

ahahah i think is more probable you are absurd


Asserting yourself as better than others isn’t a good way to have a productive conversation.

What exactly didn’t you understand? Networking and how browsers work is really complex stuff, I may have explained it in a way that you aren’t understanding. I can try to make things clearer, but without knowing what exactly wasn’t understood I can’t solve anything.


That’s pretty much where I’m at as well. I’m working under the assumption that English isn’t their first language, so it’s a good possibility that neither of us are getting our message across clearly.


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