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Ban No Reply Emails


How is that you can send me an email, but I can not reply? This dynamic is not fair. Have been thinking about it tangentially for awhile:

Communication requires two parties. If one party can talk and the other can’t, it’s not communicating, it’s broadcasting.

Anyways, is it possible to ban no reply emails? What would that process even look like? At the end of the day, if you enter my inbox, I should have the right to reply.


I believe the email standards are set by the IETF, not the W3C. Seems like something that should be approached in that spectrum.

However, there is probably nothing that can be done here. As even if it is “able to be replied to” there is no guarantee that someone is actually going to see it on the other end. People/Organizations are still free to just not check an inbox or “accept” messages and just drop them. So even if some standard were to come through on this, it’ll probably be as moot as an Evil Bit.


Closing, as it’s outside our scope (as @Garbee pointed out).