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API to make it easier to add “save”/”bookmark” features to websites


I’m thinking of a new browser-side bookmarks API, something that gives websites more control and the ability to autosync them.

Maybe make it so any added bookmarks are only visible if you’re browsing the website that added them. (i.e. each tab would have a different bookmarks bar.) They’d go at the end of the user’s bookmark bar by default, with an option for using a “website bookmarks” menu or something similar instead.

It should have files, dirs, and symlinks. Websites shouldn’t use it as yet another localstorage because it’s visible to the user. There should also be a way for the user to accept the bookmarks, similar to the desktop notification API.

This could be used by websites like reddit to provide a save feature that neatly integrates with the user’s browser. I don’t use reddit’s save feature because it’s really not convenient to view saved posts, while using bookmarks for that would be much more convenient (especially if they were synced). At the same time, I feel that being able to click on a “save” button on the website is important for UX, which is why I think this is how the API should work.

An event, fired when the user clicks a website-bookmark, would also help neatly integrate with websites and services with dynamic content, like tweetdeck.

This could also be used by this very same discussion board.


Why can’t this already be done using localstorage or a database? I don’t think it would be terribly difficult, either.


The idea is that websites wouldn’t have to roll their own bookmarks systems. They’d simply defer to the browser, which already has one. It’d also be more accessible that way.


Bookmarks are collections of persistent links. I have never heard of a case where a website was unable to manage a collection of persistent links (i.e. navigation bar) on their own.

I do not see what problem this proposal solves.

Are users unable to manage their bookmarks on their own?

The last thing I want is irresponsible web developers attempting to manage my bookmarks for me.

I don’t think this particular API request is a good idea. I am unable to think of any problem that would be solved by this feature.

By all means, please change my mind by providing some evidence of such a problem where the best solution would be the introduction of this proposed API.


Don’t worry, they wouldn’t manage your bookmarks, but theirs.

It’s just a way to do what’s described here without being forced to use a webext for it.