For all HTML-related discussions. Not just the HTML standard (though that's a natural fit) but also all that attaches directly to it, most notably related to markup.


All discussions about JS APIs.


This category is for all CSS-related standards. Subcategories can be created for relevant topics, simply ask!


This section is for anything relating to protocols used over the wire, such as HTTP, Web Sockets, JSON-based protocols on top of those, and more.

web components

Discussion of all standards related to Web Components.


This category is for items related to web Architecture or architectural components which do not otherwise fit into one of the other categories. Examples might be design guidelines, best practices or architectural “findings” being worked on by the W3C TAG or in other groups or fora.

Web mapping

Discussion of mapping-related Web standards. The Web is the modern printing press and Web maps depend on Web standards for existence. How can each influence the other towards an open standard map-friendly future?


Category for discussing JS as a language.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

web wishes

This is NOT for stuff you wish you had. It is for discussion of Web Wishes.


This category is for announcements of events that are relevant to standards (e.g. Test The Web Forward, workshops, meetups, etc.).


This is the forum for discussions about asm.js: its design, implementation, specification, and evolution.


This category is for discussing the URL Standard. Please read the anti-jerk policy before posting.

Digital Publishing

For all issues related to the goal of making Digital Publications first class entities on the Web, using all relevant Web technologies.